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Hi there. My name is Davis Murphy, but you can call me ‘murf.’ I’m a late-20’s something person with knack for web development, doodles, photos, video games and other assorted nerdy nonsense.


I can currently be located in Central Virginia, in-and-about the odd little burg known as Charlottesville.


This is my personal website. I blog and post other things I do for fun here. Here you can enjoy my ranting, artwork, photos and what ever other personal projects strike my fancy.

If you’ve come to get a glimpse of ‘Davis Murphy’ as a professional, you’re in the wrong place. Try murfDESIGNS, which is my professional portfolio site. If you seem perturbed about stuff that appears on this site, I assure you my personal attitudes and preferences are spilt from my professional ones.


I started this as a place to host my art and other assorted nonsense. I needed a place to host my personal endeavours for the world to see. I hope you enjoy the fact I’m putting out for all to see.


It has gone from being a html rookie’s mess when I started this site in April of 2004.Then to being a personal PHP/MySQL Frankenstein that I worked on after my time in higher education in 2006. In 2010 I’ve converted it into a WordPress powered website for the sake of ease and simplicity, and even designed the Theme is uses based around the last revision of the Frankenstein version. The ‘murfART’ section is currently left-over from the Frankestein days, but I’m working on converting to a WordPress plugin.


Didn’t you see it where I said the website is powered by WordPress?

Around the Web:

In addition to the website you are currently on, I can be found in the following internet arenas as well:

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Twitter: @murfguy

deviantArt: murf-guy

Reddit: murfguy

YouTube: murfguy

Final Fantasy XIV:

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