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Eorzean Adventures, Part 1

September 12, 2010

As most who know would recall, many years ago I started playing Final Fantasy XI. A game, that despite many annoyances, I enjoyed playing on-and-off for several years. Eventually, at the near-cap level of being a Level 73 Black Mage, I left Vana’diel one last time that just sort of sputtered out. It was uneventful, but sad none-the-less.

If you follow the MMORPG scene at all you should know that Final Fantasy XIV is the new MMORPG from SquareEnix and it launches at the end of September, or perhaps a short bit earlier if you’re like me and ordered the Collector’s Edition version of the game. I, however, have been playing the Open Beta of FF XIV for the past week or so. I’ve come now to share with you my adventures and thoughts thus far. I’m going to do this in parts, so bare with me for the time being. Also, this post carries some hefty-sized images, so you’ve been forewarned.


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