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Hoisting the Colors at Half-mast.

January 30, 2012

The mugs of me and the Mrs.

I’m a bit of a recluse. I’m content to stay in for a quiet night at home. The one thing I am certainly not, is a bar person. Yet, however, part of my routine and a large part of life involved one. At the tender age of seven, my family moved to Charlottesville for a new job opportunity for my dad. He became a manager at a restaurant owned by my godfather. This restaurant was called “St. Maarten Cafe.”

For the last 21 years, a hefty part of my life had connections to this restaurant even after Dad stopped working there. I’ve made many friends through that place. I could always come in, even after not showing up for years, and feel at home and that someone there would know who I am.

It was sad to discover this morning that, without warning, an integral part of my life had been shut down. Never again will I sit at that awesome island bar, pull down a mug so I get some extra light or chat away the night in debate with people I called “friend.” I can no longer tell Shannon that I’m hungry and get my classic Big Production Burger, with a side of cajun cheese fries with a side of ranch. It’s hard to imagine my life without Maarten’s in the picture, but all good things must come to their ends I suppose.

To Jim, Russ and all the people I’ve met through Maarten’s over the years, I raise my mug to you.

Thanks for everything.

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