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The Results of Getting Involved

January 24, 2012

Remember way back when last week when the internet got is panties in wad over something Congress wanted to pass called the Stop Online Piracy Act? And sites like Wikipedia, Reddit and others (including my own) shut down because we weren’t going to stand for the nonsense that bill was going to try to do?

Letter from my Congressman.

Well, not only did I knock my site out in protest (thus inconveniencing all 2 of you out there), I wrote to my representatives: Senators Mark Warner [D, VA] and Jim Webb [D, VA], and Congressman Robert Hurt [R, VA-5]. Warner was already opposed when I wrote, and I still haven’t heard from Webb. Today though, I finally heard from Rep. Hurt. Unlike Warner who just sent out a mass email, I actually got a physical letter in the mail. That was a nice surprise.

Over the years, I’ve gone from apathetic youth to involved citizen. This is the first time I’ve written to any of representatives. Each year, I try to make my point of telling people to vote as it is the very least one can do. Now that I’ve participated and truly voiced my concerns, I may try to keep this up.

Thank you Rep. Hurt. I may not always agree with you, but thank you for taking the time to listen and show me that for all the problems with congress, that my voice isn’t just lost in the crowd.

Blacking Out for SOPA & PROTECT IP

January 18, 2012

I dislike getting overly political on my blog. Today, however, is different.

Shortly, I’ll be installing a plugin which will blackout my site for the day in protest of pending two Congressional known as SOPA (for the House) and the PROTECT IP Act (for the Senate). These bills aim to curb online piracy, which in itself is not a wrongful goal, but the means by which they are attempting this action can best be described as “Scorched Internet.” I won’t get into details as others have said far better than I, but these bills would essentially kill the internet as you know it, chill innovation in the internet industry, stifle free speech in the modern era and most concerning to me of course, that these impacts could affect millions of jobs in the internet sector, including my own.

I know hardly anyone visits my site. I know this would barely register as a drop in the pond, but I feel the need to take part and get word out, even if only one person hears it.

Do you part, help save the internet, call your representatives and tell this bills is no good.

You can learn more about these bills, and what you can do please visit

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