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Catching Up

May 4, 2011

Hey! So yesterday was my birthday. My 28th to be precise. Holy crap!

I posted about the fact that I’m now contributing over at GeekLore. So that’s good. But then I realized I haven’t contributed anything worthwhile to my own site since NOVEMBER! More holy crap! Let’s get that fixed.

For those of you who stick around despite my lack of updates, I’ll give the quick notice of stuff going on in the land of murf.

First off is the biggest of the big news: I’m getting married! Back in December I popped the question to my wonderful girlfriend and she squeaked a “yes” out between the tears of joy. So… that’s where I’ve been. Trying to help get a wedding organized. Its certainly more stressful on Heather than it is on me as she is doing most of the planning and coordinating, but I try to be as involved as I can be.

Aaaand… nothing else really. I’ve played some games, had some fun, done some work but all in all my life hasn’t been too terribly exciting lately except for that whole getting married thing. I know its not much of an update, but I’ll take my small victories where I can find them.

With my contributing over at GeekLore, I’ll likely be cross posting material that I post there as well. Though perhaps with some minor variations in verbiage to account for the different posting locations.

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