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A Change of Pace

September 8, 2010

The world continues its orbiting and spinning, and I continue to plot my meager path through the world.

This, without really looking like it, is the biggest change in the history of murfSTUFF. I mean seriously huge and enormous. For the past 6 years, murfSTUFF has always been powered by my own code. Starting out from simple HTML, to bringing CSS and PHP into the fold. This is no longer the case.

murfSTUFF is now powered by the mighty and great WordPress. After toying around with this great tool, I came to conclude that perhaps it was time to take my clunky code and CMS and go to the wayside. It makes me sad in a way. Building my site was always fun, but it was really detracting from the content as I was constantly tweaking and changing the code with nothing to really show for it.

Now with WordPress, I’ll have a new way to work my code muscle by making my own themes and plug-ins and such. Not to mention, learning the ins and outs of WordPress is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

WordPress is powering the main portion of the site, and I’m attempting to develop my own gallery system that I can use for murfART and other gallery like needs. That’s a ways off, but you can see the original gallery still in its not-updated-since-forever-ago form in the same place it has always been.

That’s it for now. So enjoy what I’ve got here for the time being.

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